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For more than 15 years our office have been providing management services in Puerto Aventuras . Our team performs private property management and condominium management. Hundreds of good reviews from our guests avail our compromise of service with you.

Private residences management

Basic Mgmt
Full Mgmt

The basic management is designed for Non income properties. We will be sure that your home is properly administrated while you are here or not.

As your representatives, we have a vested interest in your income property. We carefully screen all tenants, care them and quickly respond to all matters concerning your property.

Office staffed by english and spanish
Account statements
Payments schedule & billing
All documents filed in office
Keys custody + control
Contractors , service coordination
Weekly vissual inspection
No charge for the payment of: SKY TV, Phone , Power & HOA.
Emergency calls attention 24/7.
Express Maintenance Service ... your unit always in shape !!
Vacation Rental Pacakage
Weekly maintenance inspection 
One free monthly cleaning

Condominiums management

condominium mgmt

Our firm provide Full-service property management to condo associations of all sizes in Puerto Aventuras since 2001. With the experience and resources to handle the day to day operations of the association, alleviating the stress from the board of directors but still allowing them to make the decisions.

Administrative services
  • Maintain ongoing communication with the Vigilance Committee elected.

  • Attend all meetings and board meetings as required, take minutes and distribute.

  • Maintain the minute book and file forms, coordinate with the law firm, surveillance, monitoring and breaches of regulations

  • Respond promptly to questions and complaints from guests and owners.

  • Prepare payroll.

  • Obtain maintenance budgets as required

  • Review requirements for building insurance and taxes

Finance and accounting
  • Collect maintenance fees and special contributions.

  • Preparation and submission of invoices.

  •  Management of bank accounts of the Association and conciliation.

  • Provide statements and reports of the regular operation as required in bylaw.

  • Provide to the HOA accountant all the information for making statements and declarations.

  • Prepare annual budget for review by the Committee.

  • Review and pay bills on time overall building

  • Several reports (delinquent, budgets, revenues, expenses, payable accounts, etc)

Operation services
  • Permanent contact during office hours and emergencies with VC, owners, guests and staff in building.

  • Organize and coordinate work schedules staff in building and developing surveillance checks.

  • Daily inspections of our workers and supervisor development  tasks.

  • Technical inspection weekly in common areas: mechanical rooms, electrical systems, pool pumps, water filtration systems, irrigation systems, water chemistry in pools and cisterns.

  • Hire, train and supervise employees of the building.

  • Inspect contractors work in common areas.

  • Provide information to real estate agents and buyers as required to assist in the sale or rental.

  • Preparation of service manuals and operating manuals to building staff.

Legal services
  • Assemblies (since its announcement, to notarize)

  • Contracts for services

  • Employee Contracts

  • Negotiations with the authorities

  • Review and adequacy of the internal regulations of the condominium

  • Legal advice through our associate lawyers for decision making

  • Legal representation of the property based on the bylaw

  • Steps of lawsuits and collection to delinquent customers based on rules.

  • Legal matters with insurance agent.

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